Andres Garcia

Andres Garcia


Born in Cuba (1916-1981)

Donald Duck Life Guard, 197?

Size: 13 x 9.75

Medium: Gouche on Paper


  • About the Artist

    Andres Garcia Benitez (or simply Andres - the way he used to sign his works). 

    While Europe was cultivating its Swiss style and the Pentagram, and the United States had the New York School, Cuba had Andrés García Benitez. He is referred to as the Norman Rockwell of Cuba for his incredible work for the famous Carteles magazine. He is to Carteles magazine as Norman Rockwell is to the Saturday Evening Post, but his style very much reflects the Vargas style and the vibrancy of Cuban culture at the time.

    In 1932 the director of Carteles magazine assigned a cover design to a 16-year-old Andres. How director Alfredo T. Quilez heard of or came into contact with this 16-year-old novice is unknown and rather adds to the enchantment of this mystery artist. Andres Benitez had no formal training and was unknown in the Havana art world at the time he was commissioned, but he more than proved his worth in all the incredible cover designs to come. He demonstrated a great understanding of form, space, and color. He quickly became wildly popular and well-known. That first commission when he was 16 marked the beginning of a long and very successful career.

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